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Cinderella Pop-Up Book

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A Pop-up adaptation of the Classic Fairy Tale!

In this beautiful retelling of the classic Cinderella, paper engineer Matthew Reinhart celebrates the timelessness of the original story while infusing his interpretation with a fresh new feel. In 6 intricately illustrated and engineered spreads, Reinhart portrays the fairy tale in stunning dimension, magically transforming mice into steeds and a pumpkin into a carriage fit for a princess. With twirling ballroom dancers, glass slippers, and a ball gown to die for, this charming story of Cinderella is now more enchanting than ever. Readers of all ages will marvel at how the simple act of opening and flattening a spread can induce a rat's metamorphosis into a footman, the twirling of palace dancers, and the snug sliding of an acetate glass slipper onto Cinderella's dainty foot.

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